New Family Webinars

Meet Campus Leaders & Get Your Questions Answered

Tuesday, August 2 – 7:00 pm

Learn about Blue Ridge School’s unique class schedule, how to access your son’s assignments and grades, and much more. Join Dean of Faculty Amber Wilkins and Dean of Academics Jim Douglas for an overview of our academic program. They will discuss topics such as evening study hall, meeting period, exam schedules, graduation requirements, and college counseling. Leaders from the Fishburne Learning Center will also he on hand to answer questions specific to that program.

Wednesday, August 3 – 4:00pm

Preparing to send your son to live at boarding school can be daunting. Dean of Residence Life Hans Hermanson will explain the ins-and-outs of daily life on campus for our students – from laundry and roommates to dress code and meals. They will explain the role of student leaders and adults who live on the residence halls, as well as student discipline and the daily schedule.


Thursday, August 4 – 7:00pm

Athletic Director Parker KIrwan and Associate Head of School for Operations Vinton Bruton will go over expectations for student-athletics, opportunities, access to facilities, and much more regarding our leading athletics program. They will also discuss outdoor programs and facilities, as well as afternoon art and theater programs.